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Cadillac High School Dual Enrollment Information

Step 1- Contact your counselor to see if you are eligible for dual enrollment.  Students must meet qualifying scores set by the State to be eligible.  Also, this is a good opportunity to discuss what kind of courses you might want and how many?  Do you want to take a class or two each semester like most students, or are you trying to get 30 credits for the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA)?

Step 2- Apply to one of our college dual enrollment partners, unless you are a returning dual enrollment student.  The majority of our students are taking dual enrollment classes through Baker College of Cadillac.  A smaller percentage are taking classes through Northwestern Michigan College.  Use those links to get more information on dual enrollment steps including information on applying.  Occasionally, we have students that dual enroll at other institutions.  You must get prior approval for other colleges prior to applying. Generally, students taking classes through Baker College will have their entire tuition and books paid for by CAPS.  Students taking classes at Northwestern Michigan College will have to pay a portion of the cost (Approximately $150 per class plus any books in 2021-2022). 

Step 3- Meet with your counselor to determine what classes you will take. At this time, you will need to get a copy of CHS’s Dual Enrollment Policy & Procedures. It is important to read that document closely and return it signed and initialed.  If enrolling through Baker College, your counselor will help you fill out a paper enrollment form.  If you are enrolling through Northwestern Michigan College, fill out their online enrollment form.

Step 4- Get your books.  If enrolling at Baker College, your counselor will email you if you need a book and provide instructions on when you can pick them up at the Baker College Bookstore.  If you are enrolling at NMC, you will need to pay for your book on your own.  Not all courses have required books.

Step 5- Check your email regularly for information on your course including when it will go live unless you have an on campus course.  Most courses are now online rather than on campus.

Step 6- Stay up on your coursework and pass your classes.  Most professors won’t accept late work.  Contact your professor with any questions or concerns.  If you fail a course you have to reimburse the school for the cost of the course!  While dual enrollment students are not required to stay on the CHS campus for courses, it is recommended that you do so that you have scheduled time every day to complete your classes.

Step 7- When you apply to your next college, you will need to use your dual enrollment college’s website to request that your credits be transferred. If you are wondering how a class will transfer from one college to another, you can use mitransfer website.  If for some reason you have trouble transferring a class, you may have success talking to the admissions office.  The vast majority of our students haven’t had issues transferring classes except to the University of Michigan. 

Further Reading: Michigan's Postsecondary Eligibility Letter

Twelve Steps to College Access Success

Not sure where to apply?

  1. Take a virtual campus tour using the links in this document.

  2. Use the U.S. Department of Ed's College Scorecard search

Not sure how or where to apply?

  1. Use the Michigan College Access Network's document for links to apply to schools as well as information on who is waiving application fees.  

  2. You can apply for multiple schools at once using the Common App.

Not sure how to send transcripts and/or test scores?

  1. Your counselors can send your transcripts and/or test scores if you create an order through your Parchment account.

  2. Some selective schools require that you send your SAT scores through College Board. If you didn't put the school down when you took the SAT, you can use the College Board website to request that it be sent now for a small fee.

Not sure how to get help paying for College?

  1. The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) application is now available. In order to begin your FAFSA application, you must first create an FSA ID for you and a parent/guardian. The deadline for submitting your FAFSA is March 1, 2021.
    STEP 1:
    Create your FSA ID
    STEP 2: Begin your FAFSA application

  2. To better understand the Financial Aid Process, we recommend you watch Baker College’s FAFSA and Financial Aid Overview video. 

  3. Some students qualify for State of Michigan scholarship programs such as the Tuition Incentive Program (TIP).  To see if you qualify, create an account at MIStudentAid.

  4. Visit our local scholarship database for information on how to apply for local scholarships. 

  5. Use Fastweb to apply for national scholarships.

Visit the scholarship page for each school that you apply to so you can see what institutional scholarships are available. Google search school name and the word “scholarships” or visit the individual school website.