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Request for Proposal

Legal Notice
Cadillac Area Public Schools

Viking Learning Center Driveway and Basketball Court Project

Cadillac Area Public Schools is requesting proposals for Viking Learning Center driveway and
basketball court project located at 1700 Chestnut Street, Cadillac, MI 49601. The project
consists of concrete removal, HMA surface removal, concrete sidewalk, earthwork, concrete curb
and gutter, HMA paving, and restoration.
Bids will be received for a single prime Contract. Bids shall be on a lump sum and unit price
Companies and/or their representatives may submit proposals to:
Cadillac Area Public Schools

421 South Mitchell Street, Cadillac MI 49601

The Cadillac Area Public Schools Board of Education reserves the right to accept or reject any
and/or all proposals or to accept the proposal that it finds, in its sole discretion, to be in the best
interest of the school district.
The Issuing Office for the Bidding Documents is: Gosling Czubak Engineering Sciences,
1280 Business Park Dr., Traverse City, MI 49686, Martin Graf, 231-949-9191, Prospective Bidders may examine the Bidding Documents at the
Issuing Office on Mondays through Fridays between the hours of 8:00am – 5:00pm and may
obtain copies of the Bidding Documents from the Issuing Office as described below.
Bidding Documents also may be examined at Builder’s Exchange of NW Michigan, Builder’s
Exchange of Michigan, and Construction Association of Michigan; online at ; or online at
Bidding Documents may be obtained from the Issuing Office during the hours indicated above.
Bidding Documents are available via email as a PDF. No charge is required to obtain the bidding
documents. The date that the Bidding Documents are transmitted by the Issuing Office will be
considered the prospective Bidder’s date of receipt of the Bidding Documents. Partial sets of
Bidding Documents will not be available from the Issuing Office. Neither Owner nor Engineer will
be responsible for full or partial sets of Bidding Documents, including Addenda if any, obtained
from sources other than the Issuing Office.
All proposals must be submitted no later than 10:00 am, on March 30, 2023, at which time
the Bids received will be publicly opened and read. We will not accept or consider any late bids.
All proposals should be delivered in a sealed envelope and addressed to Cadillac Area Public
Schools and be clearly marked: Viking Learning Center Driveway and Basketball Court Project.
The proposal must include a sworn and notarized familial disclosure statement. Bid security
shall be furnished in accordance with the Instructions to Bidders.

Viking Learning Center Driveway & Basketball Court Project Bid Plan Set

Viking Learning Center Contract Documents