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Michigan Department of Health and Human Services


You may have heard news reports about the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Epidemic Order expanding precautionary COVID measures and moving our region to Phase 4. We have asked our local health department and legal counsel for clarification surrounding the impact on our schools.

Based on legal opinion and the Health Department order, we will be adjusting our current plan to reflect the new requirements for all schools in the state of Michigan. All CAPS students must wear a mask at school. We will provide our K-5 students mask breaks throughout the day keeping our students in cohorts and minimizing the risk of exposure. We will be following all safety recommendations in consultation with the District Health Department #10.  We thank you for your continued partnership in finding the balance in providing safe learning environments and educating our students during this health crisis.

If you have any questions as we work through challenges during these extraordinary times, please feel free to contact me at (231) 876-5000.

Mrs. Jennifer Brown
Cadillac Area Public Schools