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Cadillac High School COVID-19 Closure

Hello CHS Families, we want to thank you for partnering with us this fall term to keep our doors open providing the best educational experiences for our students. In partnership with the health department, we continue to measure the impact of COVID on our student population. There are many mitigating factors that impact our ability to remain open, such as:

  • percent of students and/or staff  impacted by COVID and/or quarantine

  • staffing levels

  • ability to contact trace accurately

  • community risk levels 

  • feedback from our local medical professionals

  • other factors including but limited to our ability to provide students consistent and meaningful learning opportunities

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 exposure impact at Cadillac High School has increased to a level where a temporary building closure is in the best interest of the safety of our students, staff and the greater community. Our plan is to close Cadillac High School ONLY through November 25th. First trimester exams will be waived; however, students will be responsible for working on their classes in the hybrid learning environment to complete the first trimester. CTC students are able to attend their CTC classes if they have not been quarantined by the health department or will have access to remote learning plans. Staff will use Tuesday to upload lessons and activities for students beginning Wednesday, November 11th.  Learning Plans and a schedule will be shared with students and families Tuesday evening via email and will be available on If students do not have the internet, they will need to call the school office for further support through the closure. Students should plan to return to school on November 30th to begin their second-trimester classes unless otherwise directed by the Health Department. 

Free student breakfasts and lunches are available for families to pick up at the CHS Bus Loop as follows:

Tuesday, November 10, between 3 & 4 PM (two-day meal pick up)
Thursday, November 12, between 3 & 4 PM (one week of meals)
Thursday, November 19th, between 3 & 4 PM (six-day meal pick up as there is no meal service provided for Thanksgiving break.)

Parents and community members are reminded to continue to monitor for symptoms of COVID-19, which are on the CDC website and included on our at-home screener. Contact your primary care physician if further support is needed. We will continue to evaluate each building, in collaboration with the Health Department, to determine further district closures.

Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation,

Cadillac Area Public Schools