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Be a part of the #CAPSReads Challenge

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CAPS Summer Reading Challenge

Welcome to the CAPS Summer Reading Challenge! Reading is an important part of a child’s
success in education and this summer we want the whole family and community to get involved!

What is the CAPS Summer Reading Challenge?
All students grades K-8 will be able to participate in the CAPS Summer Reading Challenge.

Students and families will have the #CAPSReads challenge list which gives over 100ways to get “caught” reading.

To participate, simply snap a photo or a selfie and submit it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and tag #CAPSReads!

How Can I Help?
We are looking for community involvement and help in promoting the importance of reading
every day! Below are a few ways to get involved!
1. Become a Community Book Exchange Location
Host a “little” library at your business or area. We will provide the “library” and
simply ask that you personalize it for your business/industry. We will provide
the books and simply ask that you help promote the challenge and also let us
know if you are running low on books!

2. Donate Reading Rewards
Each week we will be randomly drawing a winner from the #CAPSReads
photos that are posted on social media. Winners will have the opportunity to
come into Central Office and select a prize from our Reading Rewards prize
chest. Please consider donating certificates, swag or whatever you think would
be a fun reward!

3. Be a Part of the Fun!
Support the #CAPSReading challenge by creating a fun space within your
company or business for kids to take a photo and post. This is a great way to
show your support as well as free promotion for your business!