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From a caterpillar to a butterfly

Peeking into the net   sign language   butterfly sign

From a Caterpillar to a Butterfly

Story Contributed by Ms. DA Brabazon representing the National Forest Service as part of the Partners in Education Program at Cadillac Schools.

It was Jr Ranger in the Classroom day for 18 kindergarten students at Kenwood Elementary. Today's lesson revolved around the five senses. Special emphasis was on the sense of touch. And the best resource for that lesson was our skins kit. The sign language lesson included signs for “I see,” “I hear” and skunk, deer, bobcat, wolf, fox and even opossum.

The chrysalis is what raised the most excitement in the classroom.  One student quickly announced, “Miss D-A, your chrysalis are hatching and we have butterflies now!”

Quiet time was spent watching them emerging from the chrysalis and hanging upside down.  

Creating an environment in which children are naturalists versus scientists elicits the skill of patience and observation. The conversations that ensue and the questions that are often part of that lesson naturally occur as they piece the information together. 

Thank you Michael Breezee for donating butterfly netting to the program. Not only has it brought joy to 18 naturalists in training, but it has opened a world of intrigue in our natural resources.