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Student book drive

Teacher Keri Powell Guest contributor Mackinaw Trail Middle School teacher Keri Powell:

Last summer, a teacher-driven nationwide social media initiative took place to put free books in the hands of students. As the initiative gained momentum, more and more Cadillac school teachers jumped on board.  Following the lead of Sam Johnson, Kara Bailey, Janie Silvers, and Denise Holmes, preparing to gift their students with books on open house night, I knew I wanted in on it as well. However, I wanted to be able to supply my students with a book every month. I reached out to friends and family to ‘sponsor’ a student for ten dollars. In a matter of just a few days, enough money was raised to purchase books for all students in my three ELA classes (nearly 88 students). As the checks arrived, I forwarded them to Scholastic for a credit on my account. We received our first book: Restart, by Gordon Korman.

Students holding books

The fifth graders were so excited to receive the book, and write thank you notes to all of the generous sponsors. It was incredibly touching to receive support from CHS alumni that I have not heard from in years, community members, parents of former students, and an overwhelming response from my own family, friends, and even colleagues that have their own classrooms to care for. students holding books





I continue to be very proud to work in a district where teachers share ideas and support one another, and where the community invests so much in our students. It was a really heartwarming way to gear up for the 2018-19 school year!

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