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The Academic Center in the Media Center
Offering tutoring for remediation and support in current classes (CHS)

OPEN MORNINGS:  Monday - Friday from 6:55 -7:40 am

Credit recovery Room 412
Offering credit recovery for core classes (CHS)

OPEN MORNINGS: Monday - Friday from 6:55 AM-7:40 AM

Center Supervisors:
Mr. Trump (Credit Recovery- Rm 412)

TBA (Academic Tutoring- Media Center) 

  • If students are seeking credit recovery and have earned at least a 40% in the class needing credit, they will take an online recovery course.  
  • If they earned less than 40% in the class, then they may take the online core class as an initial credit course. We will have instructional support for everyone in need with our certified staff.

Core Courses eligible for credit recovery are as follows (HS):

  • English 9-12
  • Algebra I, Ext. Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Ext. Algebra II
  • Biology, Intro to Chemistry, Earth Science
  • Civics, Economics, World History, US History

*Busing- We are aware of varying arrival times for students.  Students may access the Academic Center when their buses arrive.

* Note: Late Start Mondays- Academic Center is closed