Title IX/Anti-Harassment Officers


  • CAPS COVID-19 Extended Learning Plan
  • 98c Learning Loss Plan
  • CAPS Extended Learning Loss Plan Goal Reporting
  • CAPS Bullying Policy
  • Completed Drill Schedule
  • Evaluation Model
  • Monitoring & Reporting
  • Public Act 48 Reporting 2021 (note tabs at the bottom of the page for each location)
  • Specific Learning Disability Identification
  • Title IX Sexual Harrassment Staff Training
  • Title IX Training Video

Incident Reporting

  • Bullying Incident Flow Chart
  • Bullying Incident Report Form
  • FOIA Report Form
  • FOIA Guidelines
  • Title IX Discrimination/Sexual Harassment Policy
  • Title IX/Sexual Harassment Complaint Form

CAPS Wellness Policy

  • Link to Wellness Policy

Annual Education Reports