• If you have specific questions about your child contact 231.876.5000

    Q: How do I attend a Board of Education meeting if it is virtual?
    A:  Contact 231.876.5000 between 7:30 am and 4:30 pm to request a password. Follow the link provided on the Board of Education page of this website.

    Q: How do I know if someone tested positive at CAPS?  
    A:  Here is the LINK to the CAPS COVID-19 dashboard for reporting active cases of COVID-19 at School 

    Q:  Is it true that if a child tests positive at school then they will be quarantined by a third party for 14 days?
    A:  This is false.  CAPS will not test for COVID 19, families are asked to self-monitor and complete the COVID Screener each day at home before sending a student to school.  If an individual tests positive for the virus they will be referred to District Health Department #10 for at home, self-quarantine instructions.

    Q: What precautions are in place to monitor students and staff for COVID-19?
    A: Follow this link to CAPS AT-HOME SCREENER for COVID-19. Families are asked to screen their child at home before they attend school each day. 

    Q: Will masks be provided?
    A: CAPS has purchased a cloth mask for every student, but we encourage families to practice mask wearing and find CDC approved masks that are comfortable for their children.

    Q: What if I don’t agree with sending my child to school wearing a mask?
    A: CAPS has a fully virtual option for parents who are seeking an alternative to face to face education.

    Q: How will we be notified if someone tests positive for COVID-19?
    A: CAPS will send families a phone call, text message and email if there is a confirmed COVID case within the building/classroom. Any close contact will receive a separate communication from the school or health department with additional requirements including quarantine information. (see DHD #10 Flowchart)

    Q: What precautions are in place to monitor students and staff for COVID-19?
    A: All Students and Staff will complete a health screener before coming to school daily. Any student or staff who shows symptoms of COVID-19 will be sent to the pre-identified sick room for a screening. And staff or student with COVID-19 symptoms will be sent home per District Health Department #10 guidance. Please see the Flowchart.

    Q: How will my child be safe on the bus?
    A: All students and drivers will wear a mask. All students will hand sanitize on the way on and off the bus. Students will be in assigned seats, seated with siblings if possible. Windows will be open weather permitting.

    Q: Will my child have to wear a mask at lunch?
    A: K-5 students will eat lunch with their classmates; masks will not be required. 6-12 students will be spaced throughout the buildings. They will need to wear masks until seated. We will do our best to provide adequate spacing in designated lunch areas.

    Q: What will drop off and dismissal look like?
    A: Students will be required to wear masks at drop off and dismissal K-12. We are asking parent to pick their students up within 10 minutes of dismissal and to drop off no earlier than 10 minutes before the start of class.

    Q: What if my work schedule requires me to drop my child off earlier to school than 10 minutes?
    A: We are offering parents CAPS Clubhouse, which is supervised before and after school child care. This is available for all students at the High School Annex. Transpiration will be provided to the school building at the appropriate times. Forest View View will offer Clubhouse at Forest View.

    Q: Will there be Fall sports?
    A: We are following MHSAA guidelines as it relates to athletics.

    Q: What will happen if a staff member or student tests positive?
    A: The immediate school community will be notified appropriately per DHD #10 guidance to watch for COVID -19 symptoms. Those who were in close contact per DHD #10 guidance will be notified by the school or the health department. (see flowchart)

    Q: Is CAPS Ready for Back to School 2020-21
    A: CAPS Smart Start Planning Committee has worked throughout the summer to create the CAPS COVID-19 Preparedness Plan.  Visit the Return to Learn Resources at www.cadillacschools.org for more detailed information about the return to the classroom.

    Q: What are my student's options for learning this year?
    A: CAPS Pathways to Learning 2021.  See the diagram below.

    Pathways to Learning 2020-2021